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All words here are concessions, without any claim to be perfect:

What is nonduality?

Concepts, Pointers, Experience

Non-duality is an ancient Eastern concept to guide your attention from the contracted state of personhood into the openness and balance of Being.

Solely identified as a person we believe that our wellbeing is dependent on circumstances; it is a form of collective hypnotism that believes “me” as a body-mind.

For “me” lots is at stake

Identified as “me”… when “others” agree with “my” ideas I feel confirmed, energized; when they disagree, or slightly doubt, “me” feels easily diminished or even threatened.

Entertaining “should, would and could”, the thinking-mind – “me”, has the ability to create its own world-of-ideas; breeding suffering and conflict.

Unaware of Awareness, we call “me” and the world-of-ideas “normal”, because it makes sense, it feels familiar, it is all we seem to know.

Me or I am?

Non-duality offers experiential insight into the nature of reality, allowing a recalibration from “me” – the conceptual self – to the Presence of “I am”.

We discover that making sense is helpful and useful in the mechanical realm, but a stumbling block in seeing how we create unhappiness.

Non-duality swiftly and elegantly turns the stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

It is not about accumulating more knowledge, but to bravely see what effortlessly IS here right now, and never cannot be.

Decades of habit

We spent decades with the deeply ingrained belief “I am my body-mind”.